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Individual & Couples Counseling


Kimberly Coville offers single and multi-day Personal Growth and Empowerment workshops. During these workshops Kimberly will lead participants on a journey of reflection, self-discovery and self-acceptance. Participants will enjoy a multi-modality experience including group interactions, meditations and exercises. Full day, morning or evening talks on any of the topics below are also available.

Participants will explore topics like:

Sources of Personal Power ~ What allows you to feel powerful in your life? Discover the essence of yourself, validate it fully, and welcome it into full expression.
Core Beliefs ~ How much do you really know about yourself? The ideas you hold about yourself and the world around you are your core beliefs. Examine and understand the beliefs that are causing you to act the way you do and change those beliefs that are not serving you.
Emotions ~ Feel what you’re feeling and express it in a healthy way. Change beliefs that cause emotional upset.
Relationships ~ What does a loving and growing couple relationship look like and how do you create it? Clear the patterns that may have obstructed you in the past and bring out those things in yourself that will assist you in creating a successful long-term relationship.
Sexuality ~ We get our sexual beliefs from parents, religion, friends, popular culture, and past relationships. Some serve us and some do not. Identify and change those that are limiting you.
Body ~ What images come to your mind when you think about your body? How do you want your body to look, to feel, to perform? Discover how to create a healthy, vibrant, fit, well-cared-for body that you experience as a source of pride.
Money ~ Do you focus your awareness on abundance and prosperity—or do you believe you will always have to scrimp to get by? Your present financial situation is a direct reflection of what you believe about money and what you believe about your ability to create it. Create a financial vision and set up a plan for manifesting it.
Work ~ If you could create your work to be any way you wanted, what would it look like? Give yourself permission to let go of what you previously thought possible, your past experience and your past training, and allow your heart and passion speak to you.
Spirituality ~ What allows you to feel your life has purpose and meaning? How do you relate to the mysteries of life? What offers you inspiration and hope? Journey to your higher purpose.

Check Back Soon ~ Work Shop Schedule to Be Announced

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